red point Access Control Equipment

The quality of our products and services is always result of aggregate activities. We provide all necessary hardware components, as well as complete design, construction and installation service, warranty and post-warranty support.

Our automated systems are built on a modular principle so they could be configured according to the specifics of the particular application. We offer a wide range of all necessary components - high quality security cameras, card readers, biometric readers, contactless RFID cards and chips, electromagnetic locks, electric drop bolts, turnstiles, barriers and barrier arms, bollards and many others.

The most commonly used form of barrier facilities to restrict access for people and vehicles are:

  • Turnstiles – security turnstiles are a crowd control solution that manage the flow of people in and out of designated areas. They can work in two modes (one-way mode or two-way mode) with high carrying capacity. Each turnstile can be controlled through controllers. The system can use either different types of readers or any electronic keys to give access. Turnstiles are equipped with their own power supply with a battery which provides uninterrupted operation of the system in case of power failures in the electricity network. There is a built-in anti-panic function (swing arms automatically falling down by alarm signal, pressing an emergency button or at a power loss).
  • Swing gate turnstiles – this is an economical alternative to regulate the pedestrian traffic and provides passage in one direction. Swing gates are applicable in business buildings, shoping malls, amusement parks and many others. They are very suitable for installation in places where wheelchairs pass or where there is no possibility of installing a standard turnstile as tight areas. Anti-panic feature.
  • Parking barriers - they are divided into two general categories according to their loading degree: automatic barriers that are suitable for intensive use and barriers for lower loading, so we are trying to suit the needs of each particular type of parking lot and fit into optimal budget. In high-traffic areas it is not recommended to choose a budget solution, but you can also choose between various parameters. Contact our specialists to offer you the most effective solution for your place.
  • Automatic bollards - electrohydraulic bollards are metal cylinders designed for traffic management and limited access routes. The bollard lifts and locks into position with ease, yet it can be retracted just as quickly for pedestrian safety. In upper position, they block the road and do not allow access. When they are down, they allow passing of authorized vehicles. Automatic bollards are ideal for public, business or private security needs, without disturbing the road infrastructure. Our access control systems will guarantee you peace of mind and protection of your personal or office space.

Our access control systems will guarantee you calm and protection of your personal or office space.

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