red point Access Control System for Residential Buildings

Home security and safety are extremely important for peaceful living. Everyone wants to keep their family safe from any dangers that may happen when you are not at home. Lately, much more residential buildings install any access control system and often combine it with video surveillance systems. There are many different types, but they all provide protection against unauthorized access and prevent the potential of theft and vandalism. Usually, by restricting access to the building, you will solve almost all problems concerning protection of personal property and common areas that are jointly owned in your building.

Advantages of the system integration:

  • High protection against unlawful entry into the building;
  • Cost-effective and modern solution compared to all conventional locks;
  • A longer lifetime of the system;
  • Prompt measures and easily substitute parts in case of stolen/lost cards or chips;
  • You can immediately revoke all permissions for persons who have left the building but have not returned the provided access cards/chips;
  • Overview people passing reports and archive of events, if necessary;
  • Easily add or remove users in the system.

Common problem in residential blocks is maintenance of the elevator facilities.

One of the most effective decisions is to install an access control system in the elevators which allows full control of the facility use. This will save you the following troubles:

  • Unexpected costs caused by abusing uninvited „guests”;
  • Restricting access for irregular payers.

We offer additional services:

  • Person identity video verification (we provide CCTV cameras, installation and setup services);
  • Viber notification when your child arrives at home;
  • Digital information board.

Of course, applications of access control systems for your home are not limited to the listed features. NRJ Soft Ltd. offers flexible solutions according to your specific requirements. Our specialists are available for any questions or if you need any further assistance.

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