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Sunlight can reduce high electricity bills


The dramatic rise in electricity and gas prices across Bulgaria and Europe threatens to destroy the not only the economy but also family budgets. Unfortunately, electricity bills are expected to continue surging. Not only businesses, but households will also be severely affected.

Urgent measures are necessary, but what should they be?

Don't panic! One of the most effective ways to minimize damages from this energy crisis is a photovoltaic system. Your own photovoltaic installation provides you long-term independence. During the past few years solar technologies indicated excellent results in agriculture by generating clean and actually inexhaustible energy for the needs of farmers and farmyards.

We would like to present you one of our clients who installed solar panels in his yard that helped him to reduce his dependence on the electricity grid and now he is able to indulge in his hobby - farming. The field is 35 kW. All panels are located between the beds and this in no way interferes with the cultivation of plants and organic vegetables.

If you also need an expert consultation about choice and location of solar system for your property, you are welcome to contact us anytime!

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