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We have successfully completed our largest solar energy project


Recently, the interest in investing in solar energy harvesting is steadily increasing.

Soon after we started the implementation of our automated parking system in the Albena resort complex, we came up with the idea of installing solar panels on the roofs of the largest hotels in the area. After long meetings and hard work of our engineers, technicians and systems installers, we can announce that currently the installed power is over 1MW. For the construction we used modern and ecological technologies of the latest generation which have been produced in Austria.

All the hotels will use the solar power for their own needs, so in this way they will increase their contribution to the care of the environment simultaneously with the increasing consumption of electricity during the summer season. Naturally, the solar installation generates clean renewable energy during the whole year which will let them significantly to reduce their costs in a long term. And the savings are amazing - just for one weekend after the panels started operation, the energy generated by the sun costs 3 times less than that one used so far. And the best part is that in parallel with increasing the capacity of the hotels in the summertime, their savings and their independence will also grow.

We worked hard and there was no obstacle that we did not overcome together while building the solar park. High-quality panels were used to guarantee a long operational period and this has a positive effect on the stability.

The sun in focus: considering the increasing interest in the implementation of solar projects, investments in photovoltaic installations are getting larger. On the other side, the efficiency of solar panels is constantly improving as their range is becoming wider - from home independence to business survival. Globally, energy from renewable sources has been fact from a long time, so we are happy that the conditions for obtaining energy from the sun in Bulgaria are above the average levels.

One of the focuses of NRJ Soft is exactly on this perspective.

We wish you many sun megawatts!

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