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NRJ ACCESS - Access Control and Time Reporting System

This software is a powerful tool for maintaining order and discipline in the workplace. It provides a full administrative control of access points and accurate calculating how many hours every employee has worked. You can see detailed reports for delays, attendance/absence, early (reasonable) leaving the workplace, overtime, etc. These reports could be automatically sent by e-mail. In this way you will be informed at any time about the employees who are at work and those, who are not. The system allows you to keep track of your team.




FIELD KEEPER - Perimeter Security System

This software is working together with controllers from the NRJ Base series, as well as with Paradox and Texecom security systems. Its main purpose is to provide reliable security for your property - manufactory, agricultural land, solar parks and even your backyard. It supports different types of sensors, including infrared barriers, sensor cables, volume sensors and many more. The purpose is timely notification in case of violation of a given zone, by activating alarm systems. In addition to all notification methods, it is possible to integrate different systems for video surveillance or control of motorized (PTZ) security cameras.


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