red point Fire Alarm

NRJ Soft Ltd. designs high-class security systems, systems with specific security requirements, as well as innovative technical solutions which combine improved efficiency, long life and are cost-effective. Our belief is by having well trained team in the industry this will allow us to offer complex security solutions for various purposes - securing your home against burglary, protecting your property against robbery, fire protection and prevention, security monitoring - from very small objects to large manufacturing and administrative buildings. We provide comprehensive service to our current and future clients - warranty and post-warranty support, as well as subscription service. Our commitment does not end with the installation. We guarantee accurate and efficient operation of our systems during the entire period of use.

The requirements for fire/emergency detection and warning systems are very high. Fire alarm systems are installed not only for preventive purposes, but also to reduce the adverse consequences in the event of an accident. But to ensure the reliability of such a system, it must be built out by a specialist.

Several critical factors should be considered when planning a fire alarm system:

  • Тype and function of the building;
  • Capacity and technical infrastructure
  • Classification and divisions of labor;
  • Staff structure;
  • Location of sectors inside the building;
  • Positions of entrances and exits;
  • Positions of stairs and emergency exits intended for evacuation.

Only properly designed and constructed fire alarm systems could guarantee their effective function in case of an accident!

Our experience in fire detection and warning systems gives us confidence for smooth implementation of the project from the initial phase of planning to the final installation. At each stage we provide comprehensive assistance throughout the coordination between suppliers and subcontractors.

NRJ Soft Ltd. takes the responsibility for the entire project implementation, starting from creating concepts, needed preliminary studies and research, preparation of technical and work projects to final commissioning and maintenance.

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