red point Parking Meter

  • The system guarantees impossibility of misappropriation of funds or improper pricing

  • High resistance for outdoor use

  • Improved security - validator and metal banknote cashier with counterfeit check

  • An appealing and easy-to-use interface

  • Flexible pricing according to the purpose of the parking lot

  • The parking meter accepts multiple payment such as coins, banknotes, credit/debit cards, QR code or mobile payments

  • Option to return change in coins

  • Option for combined solution with built-in EV charging station "one bill for charging and parking"

  • Remote control and support

Monitoring Center


System Reliability
100% automated management systems with no need of on-site personnel

Proactive Support
Communication with trained professionals from the monitoring center

Remote Control
Centralized simultaneous management and monitoring across multiple installation sites

Customer Trust
Optimization of collection, audit and tracking processes to increase collection rates



Main Functions

Creation and implementation of an unlimited number of tariff plans, working independently

Fiscalization of payments without limitation in the number of control terminals

Detailed statistics of all vehicle crossings

Reports from each device on the amounts collected from parking meters for a certain period


Reinforced steel, resistant to atmospheric influences and corrosion. All cash is safely stored in a fully integrated design with highly reliable protection against theft and vandalism.

Available anytime at convenient payment locations, preventing annoying queues. The user interface provides detailed instructions for using the application.

User-friendly and easy to navigate interface in several languages. The admin panel provides fully automated and transparent reporting and statistical analysis.

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