red point Video Surveillance

  • Effective control and monitoring of your home or business

  • Prevention of abuse, theft and other unexpected encroachments by employees and visitors

  • Fair dispute resolution by reviewing camera footage

  • Contributes to quickly identify and apprehend the perpetrators of any criminal activity that occur

  • The software used in the CCTV systems allows permanent remote monitoring and viewing footages via Internet

  • The infrared diodes on the security cameras allow them recording a clear picture even in spaces with little or no lighting


We pay great attention to the SAFETY  topic. In fact, preventive measures against abuse and crimes are absolutely necessary.


Today, our service provides reliable protection to more than 3,000 clients throughout Bulgaria - individuals, small and medium businesses, national companies and government institutions.


The service is offered in two options:

  • Purchase
  • Subscription

*The subscription service is available to all customers and provides full equipment and warranty for the installed devices, centralized data monitoring system that provides oversight and ensures uninterrupted and efficient operation of the systems for their entire operational period, and periodic technical support!

Rent a Surveillance System

You do not want to invest in the purchase of surveillance video equipment!

NRJ Soft Ltd. offers its clients the opportunity to rent the equipment they need. This is one very convenient and advantageous option to see the real benefits of video security systems or in case you only have a temporary need. These systems will optimize your business and make it even more efficient. You can easily switch from rent to purchase at any time during the rental period. The installation and subscription fees depend only on the number of installed cameras and is not affected by the amount of cable, type of DVR or used cameras. It guarantees you 24/7 support and timely problem solving without costing you any money, as well as various promotions that you can get from our sellers.

Our subscription service allows full access to real-time monitoring programs, viewing and downloading records. And much more:

  • Storage of archived records
  • Remote video surveillance via the Internet (real and static IP addresses)
  • Technical support for the entire system
  • Software training
  • Consultations by phone, e-mail or messenger
  • Assistance with documentation and sending records to the Ministry of Interior in case of incidents (according to the Bulgarian Legislation regulations)


Our specialists are ready to help you at +359 700 13 007. Feel free to ask your questions about rental of video surveillance equipment and devices.


Home security system will provide you with the peace of mind you need

High level of security and improved prevention across your business

Urban video surveillance is a greater tool that improves security in public spaces

Integration with alarm systems or perimeter security

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