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The efficiency of the staff is an important and very often a challenging aspect of business success. Employee management is a complex and difficult process and problems often become more over the time. Today, organizations indicate growing need of effective control and monitoring of their employees activities in the workplace. One common and modern technique is the installation of an automated access control and time reporting system to prevent misunderstanding or embezzlement that employees sometimes deliberately commit.

Observance of working hours is a major factor. NRJ Access will help you to control this process successfully. This automation will help you to maintain workplace discipline and order. Our system provides a full administrative control of access points and a detailed working hour report which allows you to keep track of employees' work time and identify deviations from the employees' work schedules. You can see statistics for delays, attendance/absence, early (reasonable) leaving the workplace, overtime, etc. These reports could be automatically sent by e-mail. In this way you will be informed at any time about the employees who are at work and those, who are not.

Why choose our software?

NRJ Access is flexible and multifunctional system that is easy-to-useе and provides the following features:

  • Control over the incoming and outgoing flow of people and vehicles;
  • It saves time and efforts for monitoring and measurement of working time;
  • You can generate and export reports in xls; pdf; csv; txt, html;
  • Individual statistics about the total number of hours actually worked;
  • Setting rest breaks - both fixed and floating;
  • Setting an unlimited number of work schedules;
  • Automatic reports for delays and absences;
  • Setup and calculation of overtime;
  • Archive of registered events and reports for past periods;
  • Local and global Anti-passback;
  • Аutomatic distribution of work shifts based on enty/exit registration
  • Creating a flexible access plan using time zones;
  • The system provides video verification module;
  • Integration of other security and video surveillance systems;
  • Integration of fire alarm systems;
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory to lock user accounts;
  • Easy installation.

Access control and time reporting systems will help you in many aspects: to increase the efficiency of your employees by approximately 50%; to optimize your operating costs; as well as to prevent theft from malicious clients or employees.

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