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NRJ Soft barriers are not only functional but they could be also beautiful


The creative team of NRJ Soft Ltd. impressed people from Ruse and refreshed the urban spaces by mounting beautiful photos of the famous photographer Yavor Michev on the barriers on either side of the railway crossing.

Two emblematic photos from our beautiful city will welcome and send the guests walking along the coastal alley - one is of the "Bridge of Friendship" (also called "Danube Bridge") and a panoramic view of the city which was taken using a drone.

During the installation of the pictures we managed to provoke the interest of the citizens and guests of the city who were passing nearby. There is a lighting provided so that the images can be seen in the late hours and not to miss the beauty of the photos.

Why and how that unique project was realized, you can learn from the interview with Filipa Nedelcheva, office manager of the company at

Interview: Lilia Racheva, Radio Ruse.

Photos are provided by courtesy of Yavor Michev.

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