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NRJ Soft's first charging station


As you know, we install and maintain charging stations for electric cars from leading global manufacturers, doing it in the best way possible for our customers. We…

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Charging station at Hyundai Burgas


Good news from today - if you leave Burgas along the Trakia highway, you can now charge your car at our 240kW station with 2 CCS connectors at our Hyundai partners.…

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ISO Standards Certification


To ensure high standards in our workplace, we have implemented two more internationally agreed ISO Standards that set out the requirements for an environmental management…

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First Parking Meters in Ruse


The first one from totally 14 parking meters was installed this morning in front of the Holy Trinity Church in Ruse. The device will start working for the clients…

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Solar Systems for Home


Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the roof of your house, villa, terrace, shed, on the ground in the yard or on columns. The advantage of mounting directly on the…

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Customer feedback


It is very important for us to be close to you, our customers. We know very well that listening to each other is a key component of success, and our main responsibility is to understand…

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Happy Holidays!


Dear friends, With the end of 2021 we would like to thank every one of you who trusted us and remained a loyal partner,…

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Did You Know... ?


Hello friends! We are starting a new topic in our Facebook page where we will share interesting and useful facts about our systems,…

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