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NRJ Soft's first charging station


As you know, we install and maintain charging stations for electric cars from leading global manufacturers, doing it in the best way possible for our customers. We are not just a trader, but a reliable partner for providing a complete service of your station.

Now we are excited to announce the first charging station of NRJ Soft - Hypercharger 2x150kW CCS connectors at Rompetrol in Burgas.
Location: 8001 Burgas, 17 Krayezerna Str or you can find it in the Fines Charging network here.

If you have free power and at least 2 parking spaces, you can contact us to discuss the partnership further. Or if you own an AC or a DC station supporting OCPP (preferably version 1.6), you can join our network and start generating additional income.

Let's make traveling by electric car in Bulgaria easy, comfortable and fast!

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