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Solar Systems for Home


Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the roof of your house, villa, terrace, shed, on the ground in the yard or on columns. The advantage of mounting directly on the ground is cooling the panels much easier than roof installations because of better airflow on both sides. Numerous technological innovations in this field led to reduced costs, faster and easier installation and higher durability of the constructions.

The systems are divided into two types according to whether they can operate entirely independently or not:

  • On-grid systems – they are connected to the electricity distribution network with the possibility of supplying energy against payment.
  • Autonomous systems (off-grid) - the collected sunlight is stored in batteries, and specialized inverters are used to transform it into electricity which could be used at any time.

The main types of solar panels that could be found are as follows:

  • Monocrystalline - the panels are made of silicon single crystals with high purity of the material and all cells are straight into one direction. They are appropriate for places with many sunny days during the whole year;
  • Polycrystalline - the panels consist of silicon cells that are not perfectly aligned and straight into one direction, but they work best in cloudy regions where light is scattered rather than directed because their cells are able to absorb more light;
  • Thin-layer - the silicon is applied in a thin surface layer, which leads to significant savings in expensive materials and therefore this panel is much cheaper, but its productivity is lower;
  • Built-in - a new engineering solution in which photovoltaic cells are built-in into part of the building cladding, for example in the glazed facades of skyscrapers or in the tiles;
  • Thermal (combined) - the panels combine the production of electricity with heating water from the sun.

Most preferred are the first two types of panels, which are efficient and easy to recycle.

Whatever decision you take, we recommend to contact the specialists of NRJ Soft for realizing your idea. They could consult you about the following issues:

  • Design and specifications;
  • Location and electricity consumption of the object;
  • Required power supply - single-phase or three-phase;
  • Cabling and network connection or local use;
  • Inverters;
  • Batteries;
  • Installation and testing;
  • Support;
  • Future system extension.

Why solar installations are so important?

In fact, the Sun is the greatest inexhaustible source of so called "green energy" and its production contributes to environmental protection. Respectively, one initial investment guarantees a good return and economy for a long period. This is the ideal solution if you are looking for complete autonomy or if you live in an outlying region that is not able to be electrified in any other way. Or if you belong to the environmentally conscious part of modern society.


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