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Technical Support

NRJ Soft Ltd. offers subscription-based support options which give our clients calmness and comfort and often is the deciding factor when people make purchases. The main purpose of this model is to guarantee unobstructed and proper operation of our products throughout the entire period you use them.

If you are interested in our continuous maintenance services, you could contact us and ask about signing a maintenance agreement, which provides you the following:

  • regular visits by our specialists to perform diagnostic tests and preventive care tasks of all cameras from your video surveillance system and improve its efficiency performance;
  • quick and timely response in case of a problem and priority service;
  • available consultant in case you need assistance for any of our products, training or additional system settings.

If you meet any difficulty or you need a consultation, call us at +359 700 13 007. In case a visit is needed, any of our specialists will be sent to your place, regardless you are our client or not!

This service is available not only for current clients of NRJ Soft Ltd., and not only for equipment or software purchased from us. Everyone can take advantage of this special offer!


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