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NRJ Soft participated in one of the most important specialized exhibitions "MUNICIPAL EXPO '2022"


The event is part of the program of the National Association of Municipalities largest forum in the Republic of Bulgaria - THE ANNUAL MEETING OF LOCAL AUTHORITIES, which took place from October 23 to October 25, 2022 in Albena Resort Complex. For another year, the exhibition provides the opportunity to various companies to present their products and services to a wide audience and to establish direct contacts with municipal leaders.

Our team met visitors at own stand and attracted them with interactive presentations, as well as a wide palette of promotional materials and prototypes of the latest developments. Once again, the innovative "green" technologies and their potential captured the attention of the people. A green innovation is any innovation that results in a smaller impact of human activity on the environment.

Recently, solar energy has become widely used and preferred for diverse purposes in the fields of individual household power supply, as well as in the fields of manufacturing and tourism. There is an increasing interest in the advantages of photovoltaic installations. We have extensive experience in installing solar panels. Our specialists were available to all interested parties to clarify the specifics of installation and operation of a solar structure.

An increasingly important part of green innovations is the high-tech production of electric cars. NRJ Soft is an expert in EV charging. We were able to demonstrate the best charging stations from leading global manufacturers by applying high standards in establishing the largest charging network in Bulgaria. We offer a wide variety of wall mounted and free standing models suitable for gas stations, hotels, parking lots, residential complexes and urban environments, which provides an opportunity to earn extra income.

One more year, the exhibition brought us together with representatives of over two hundred municipalities. We were able to discus with many of them topics about urban infrastructure and improvement, urban mobility, "smart city" solutions, etc. Urban mobility faces many challenges, among which road congestion is one of the most complex. Motivated to facilitate parking in sensitive areas, we offer intelligent parking systems that prevent queues and congestion and contribute to the maximum utilization of parking spaces. In combination with video surveillance, we ensure full control and monitoring in a given parking area. As a result, a cozy and safe urban environment is guaranteed, which is absolutely necessary for tourist destinations. The payment terminals developed by our company provide self-service without checkout and cashiers, which reduces costs of additional staff and speeds up the time of leaving the parking area. We also discussed options for modernizing and upgrading existing parking lots and providing different options for paying the stay in a convenient way for visitors.

As a result, the event presented a great opportunity for all parties to exchange ideas for future projects - on the one hand, municipalities discussed their potential and development plans, and on the other hand, businesses demonstrated their products and services. Our expert team is always ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice without wasting time.

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