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NRJ Soft presented its latest developments and services at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv


The 76-th edition of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv took place between September 19 and 24 this year. The event excels as the most representative Bulgarian forum for demonstrating new technologies and their applications in various business fields and in modern home solutions.

NRJ Soft, a proven leader in the area of security systems, had the opportunity to present its technological innovations bundled with its newest projects. Visitors had the chance to take a close look at the self-payment parking machine, fully developed by the company. They oriented themselves very quickly in the user interface of the application. They became familiar with all the components and abilities of an automated parking system. Our functional parking systems caught the attention of prominent delegates, including the mayor of Plovdiv. We are very delighted from our new partnerships and from the provided opportunity for future business perspectives.

Visitors of the technical fair had the chance for a glimpse at cutting-edge electric vehicle technology through our charging stations. NRJ Soft is an expert in the field of EV charging. We install and maintain the best charging stations from leading worldwide manufacturers, keeping high standards in the construction of the biggest charging network in Bulgaria. Most questions regarding electric vehicles are indeed related to their charging. During the fair, our experts were answering questions about the differences in charging stations and ways of choosing an appropriate one. Quite expectedly, many concerns were expressed about the charging methods and the running range. We familiarized all interested visitors with our mobile application, capable of displaying a map of all charging stations in our network. However complex it may seem, you can always rely on us for a consultation or useful advice regarding charging your electric car.

Solar panels came out to be the most attractive technical solutions for the home and the business. We were literally flooded with questions from the passers-by. A particularly strong interest is shown by households willing to invest in solar systems for heating. The most widely discussed topics were about the necessary number of solar panels and whether one can sell their energy. NRJ Soft has the expertise for devising an idea and a working project, for the supply and installation of the equipment, and for the cooperation in joining the electrical grid. Harnessing free solar energy is an ideal stimulus for choosing an eco-friendly solar installation. Solar collectors have the ability to capture not only direct summer sunlight, but are equally effective in colder sunny days during the spring, autumn and even in winter. You can fully trust the specialists employed by NRJ Soft for a professionally installed and maintained solar system. We work with high-quality materials, which, combined with regular maintenance, guarantees a long service life of the whole system.

Undoubtedly, the main focus of this year's traditional Plovdiv fair were the green technologies of the future. Our company is exclusively oriented towards ecological applications and fosters the stimulation for adopting green innovations.

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